Course Description:

The 2-Day Evasive driving course gives our highly experienced instructors the opportunity to use their wealth of knowledge in vehicle manipulation and operation to provide students with the necessary tools and capabilities to successfully navigate and evade during an in-transit emergency situation. Students will learn to remain calm, maintain vehicle control, and appropriately maneuver their vehicle by using a variety of proven and effective tools and techniques. By the end of this 2-day course, students will have learned the necessary proactive protection skills to confidently maintain control and properly maneuver a vehicle during in-transit emergency situation.

Throughout this 2-Day class, students can expect to split their time between classroom instruction and hands-on practice in the vehicle, on one of our tracks or courses. During the hands-on portion of the lesson, students are literally put “in the driver’s seat” and given the opportunity to put into practice the theories and techniques that they have learned in the classroom. Students will be instructed on different techniques to remain calm in these types of high-stress, fast-paced situations, while ensuring that they maintain vehicle control and are able to successfully navigate their vehicle during a number of possible in-transit emergency scenarios. In the real world, we cannot plan for everything, but we can help give you the tools to help increase your chances of successfully navigating and evading dangerous obstacles should the need arise.

Some of the tools and techniques that students can expect to learn in the classroom and then demonstrate in the vehicle include:

  • Fundamental Vehicle Control
  • Vehicle Dynamics (I & II)
  • Proper Braking Techniques
  • Swerve-to-Avoid Maneuvers
  • Passenger-Side Driving (Driver Emergency Situation)
  • Realistic Situational Exercises
  • Emergency Backing Techniques (“Y” and “J” Turning)
  • Close-Proximity Driving
  • Off-Road Vehicle Recovery
  • Situational Awareness Tactics

A final exercise will be completed at the end of the course to give students the opportunity to practice all that they have learned over the course of the class.

Our instructors are highly-skilled operators with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Take advantage of their years of experience and learn from them today!

  • Be 18 years of age
  • Have a valid drivers license