So Much More Than Just A “Shooting Range”


Panthera Training is uniquely suited to provide the most realistic scenario-based training in a private and secure venue. We combine elite instructors with a purpose-built, unrestricted training facility, to provide sophisticated and specialized scenarios to meet your training requirements. We are able to merge ground, aviation, and intelligence training in a single exercise to enable the customer to “train like they fight.” 

Helping meet the dynamic challenges of the international security environment, Panthera Training remains a location of first choice for the overseas deployment training needs of our Military and Government agencies, as well as Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) of our commercial and NGO clients. 

We proudly offer our clients the option to utilize their own training cadre and curriculum by allowing them to simply rent venue space on the facility to accommodate their training needs. This includes the utilization of our 750-acre multi-purpose training facility for device testing, research and development, explosives demonstrations, and more. UAV / Drone training and services are also in high demand as clients can take advantage of our unrestricted air space and training location that offers discretion and privacy in its training environment.