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Panthera draws on its experience in special operations, general military skills, and law enforcement training to meet the requirements of our clients and to deliver the highest quality training.  Panthera follows a systems approach to training requiring close interface with client leadership and our SMEs in course development and execution to ensure our customers meet their institutional goals and best prepare their personnel to accomplish their respective mission.  Panthera views it as critical to: 

  • Understand and incorporate the client’s mission and objectives for the training.
  • Understand the ability and educational level of the students prior to training. Panthera generally administers a pre-screening/assessment prior to the start of training to determine student baseline knowledge and skill level of all students prior to arrival to allow Panthera to prepare, forecast, and adjust the level and tempo of the training to achieve the training requirements.
  • Understand and assess the progress and learning/skill retention of the student. It is Panthera’s standard practice to provide constant and continuous assessment during training by the following: observing and documenting daily student participation, conducting quizzes and exams, and completing practical exercises and scenarios related to the course material and course of instruction.  Moreover, Panthera operates under a “no student left behind” philosophy and will work with a student or group of students to ensure they are able to obtain mastery of the subject.  Student information is be captured and entered into an instructional management system for tracking before, during and after training is complete to provide the client with analytical data to measure the effectiveness of the training and results/return on investment for the client.  In addition, this data assists all parties in making well informed decisions on how to adjust and improve training to better meet the client’s requirements and expectations.
  • Conduct post training assessment and measurement to ensure the desired outcome has been met and provide reports as required.

With Panthera’s instructor staff and on-site training facilities, we are able to ensure the client’s training standards, requirements and learning objectives are met and exceeded for each of these courses of instruction.  Students will be taught using a crawl, walk, run learning/teaching methodology with our instructors exercising an explanation, demonstration, imitation and practice approach with all students. Students will start their course of instruction within a controlled low stress environment in order to learn /master the basics of each of the Training Objectives.  Panthera will provide students with client approved course material handouts and reference material in order for students to take notes and better understand course curriculum and practical training events.  Panthera instructors and staff with oversight of all training events during the COI will ensure the safety and well-being of all trainees.