Panthera Training provides a 120-man Classroom (privacy wall capable of partitioning into (4) 30-man classrooms, a 50-man classroom, and three (3) 35-man classrooms. All are generalpurpose, climate controlled classroom spaces suitable for up to 30 students and located on the training campus. Classrooms are configured with a computer, projector and screen for the presentation of visual training aids.

Panthera Training provides multiple locations at the training facility for customer office spaces that can be used for administrative tasks or additional responsibilities to fit the client’s needs.

Food and beverage service is provided on-site at the dining facility (DFAC), serving three meals a day. The DFAC can also provide extra late-night meals to accommodate class schedules if requested in advance. Meals are consistent with US Military standards for nutrition, calorie content, and variety.  


Panthera Training has a dedicated maintenance facility and staff to assure furnished training vehicles are road worthy and safe, with ASE Certified Technicians. Panthera’s maintenance facility is fully-staffed during all driving course events. It’s located adjacent to the 1.5 mile track and 2.6 mile rally course. This venue is also available for use in cases of vehicle commandeering, battle damage repair (BDR) and general vehicle maintenance classes. 



Panthera Training proudly offers a Gym and Fitness Center for the exclusive use of our clients and guests.