Course Description:

This course is designed to improve and enhance off-road driving technique by giving students the necessary tools to successfully navigate both the expected environment and unexpected obstacles that one could face in an off-road environment. Throughout this course, our highly trained and qualified team of instructors will provide students with a fundamental knowledge of various types of off-road terrain and driving surfaces including things like dirt, gravel, grass, packed clay, rocks, hills, as well as steep ascents, descents, and elevation shifts. Our instructors will then demonstrate how to properly maneuver a vehicle over each of these road surfaces before the students get the chance to practice behind the wheel in the hands-on portion of the class, where they put into practice the theories that they have learned in the classroom. Driving technique is incredibly important in off-road driving, because a driver can never know exactly what to expect when facing these types of terrain. Our instructors understand that, and spend time teaching each student tips, tricks, and the proper techniques necessary in successfully navigating these types of road surfaces.