Advanced rifle Course

Course Description:

The Advanced Rifle course is designed with experienced shooters in mind. The course will build on each student’s existing fundamental knowledge of firearm safety and manipulation, while enhancing and improving their marksmanship skills through a variety of shooting drills and instructor-led exercises.

Our skilled and highly trained instructors will help guide students through a series of hands-on exercises that will help students assess their own areas of weakness while building on their strengths. Students will be taught the most effective shooting techniques, and how to accurately correct even the smallest mistakes in their current techniques to help increase accuracy and marksmanship.

By applying the advanced principles of weapons manipulation, we will help students reach their highest level of accuracy and precision by utilizing areas of strength and improving areas of weakness for each student. If you are struggling with marksmanship and accuracy when firing your weapon, let our highly skilled instructors share tips and tricks they’ve learned from their years of experience to help you hone your skills. 

We have decades of experience, a wealth of knowledge, and unparalleled training in firearms operation and manipulation. Let us share some of that with you to help you become the precision shooter you want to be.